December 05, 2023

Celebrate the Men in Your Life with the Perfect Gift for Him

By Hiram Meraz
Celebrate the Men in Your Life with the Perfect Gift for Him


Men fight for those they love and when men are aligned with our Father's will, they become protectors, providers, and rescuers.  Throughout all history, it has been men who have had to pay the ultimate price for preserving the rights and freedoms of those they love.   Men have been at the forefront of every major war and every major discovery not because they considered themselves better than women, but because they were proud to bear the burden of protecting them from danger, peril, and abuse.  

Our very name Abwoon Warrior, celebrates God as our Father, and us as his humble warriors. When Jesus thought his disciples to pray, he thought them to pray in Aramaic, the prayer we know today as “The Lord’s Prayer,” or in Spanish “El Padre Nuestro.”  The first line is “Our Father, who is in Heaven,” or in Aramaic, “Abwoon d’bashmaya.”

However, both translations came from the Greek translation of the Aramaic.  The Aramaic version is much denser and more complex, however the meaning was not lost as it was preserved in Orthodox and Catholic traditions and passed down to us so that we may recognize our Father as THE CREATOR OF ALL.


Jesus, Heals with Clay

As we were created in His image, it’s important to recognize the responsibility which all men have been bestowed with: To create.  However, when men don’t recognize responsibility, they turn to vices to find fulfilment in an otherwise meaningless life, and thus become destructive to themselves and others.  Fatherhood is the ultimate responsibility for all men and when a man takes this responsibility, its when he begins to truly know our Father the Creator of All.

Our Father gave us a beautiful stone to live on, we call Earth. Within it, he preserved beautiful minerals and gems which his own palace and throne are made from.  Many of these stones have healing properties which we discovered over time, but unfortunately, they have been abused and used for dark and manipulative purposes.   Over time, people forgot their divine source.

"It was the very Earth with which Jesus cured the blind."

Yet, the ancient scriptures are filled with innumerable references to stones.  Jesus named Peter as such, because the name means “rock,” and alluded to him one day becoming the foundation of His church.  It was the very Earth with which Jesus cured the blind. When you wear a stone or display one in your home, you hold a piece of His creation, and celebrate His sacred order of existence: His Kingdom. 


At Abwoon Warrior we have the perfect gifts for him, and we give thanks to our Father for giving us the responsibility of bringing you beautiful healing stones from all over the world.  From beautiful stone jewelry to crystal décor, we guarantee you’ll find something special and healing which he will cherish forever.  May all men strive to do Our Father’s will and be a force for Creation.

Peace be upon your spirit.