Onyx - Strength & Discipline


Since ancient times, Onyx has been known as the Warrior’s Stone because it is both a protection stone and assists in the development of physical strength and stamina, especially during times of stress, confusion, or grief. 

In brief, Onyx is believed to assist in

•Leadership development.

•Making appropriate decisions.

•Balancing logic and emotions.

•Absorbing negative vibes.

•Transmuting excess energy.

Onyx helps manage excess energy so that you stay grounded and don’t act recklessly in dynamic situations, whether you are under duress or  in a place of euphoria, this stone keeps you grounded so you don’t forget your values, your training, or your upbringing, and reduces the likelihood you will act on impulses which you may regret on the long term.

As a result, this stone assists in eliminating bad habits. It inspires objective thinking and spirituality while helping one not succumb to emotions and passions.
Onyx helps eliminate negative thinking and stress and is good for meditation and positive dreams.
Since ancient times Onyx has been believed to absorb negative energy. The ancient Greeks believed the more negativity Onyx absorbs  the darker the crystal gets.