Saints Bracelet in Hematite

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  • Natural Hematite stone beads.
  • Reinforced nylon flexible band.
  • Saints decals decorate the crescent beads.
  • Includes jewelry pouch.

Introducing the Premium Saints Bracelet in Hematite Stones! This unique and stylish bracelet is perfect for any religious man or woman looking to add a touch of faith to their wardrobe. Crafted with hematite beads, this stretchy one size fits most bracelet features a variety of Catholic saint images. Perfect as a religious gift or for personal use, the Premium Saints Bracelet in Hematite Stones is a must-have accessory for anyone's faith-inspired wardrobe. With its elegant and classic design, this bracelet is sure to bring you closer to God and make a statement. Get yours today!

Hematite is an ironed oxide stone commonly used for protection and balancing of energies. In ancient times, hematite was worn by Roman centurions for protection and courage.  Coincidentally, Hematite was discovered in abundance on the planet Mars.  It's discovery is further proof that Mars once was abundant with water.  Hematite is associated with healing the Root Chakra, or Muladhara.


GEMSTONE:  Use a soft cloth to gently wipe clean, then remove any remaining impurities with a mild diluted soap.