Hiram dressed in all-black, holding Natasha who is wearing a red dress and Vlada who wearing a gold dress.

Abwoon Warrior was founded by Hiram Meraz, a former Sergeant in the Marines and peace officer from Los Angeles.  Hiram has lived a dynamic life and traveled the world extensively, meeting people from all walks of life and learning about their culture, and taking inspiration from them.  Abwoon Warrior is based in Los Angeles, where Hiram has set up a base for importing and exporting the world's treasures.

Hiram has always been interested in theology, philosophy, ancient history, and archeology.  As a child, Hiram was fascinated by both Hollywood movies like Indiana Jones and Bible stories like David and Goliath. As an adult, Hiram has studied further into these topics and has incorporated his knowledge and values into a brand.  It’s perhaps this reason, why he ran away from home and joined the Marines at 17.  Hiram wanted adventure, and college was simply not going to cut it.  Hiram would not be content with seeing the world simply as a tourist, he wanted to live in it.

As a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States seeking a better life, Hiram was not content with just having a salary and “working for the man.”  Hiram dreamed of developing a business that would provide people infinite value for every dollar they spent.  Therefore, Hiram asked God what He wanted him to do. 

Today, Hiram believes Abwoon Warrrior is the answer he sought.

The brand incorporates everything Hiram finds interesting in the world and he has developed out if it sought after products, ranging from, minerals, crystals, jewelry, home décor, and other curiosities.