Ajoite In Quartz imported from South Africa

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4 inches, 554 gr Ajoite from Messina, South Aftrica.

 The specimen has brilliant blue points along with clear quartz crystal on a matrix background.

 Ready to ship next business day.

 These rare crystals are highly prized by collectors and for their metaphysical properties. A great opportunity to have a specimen from one of the most sought-after stones in the world. No new Ajoites have come out of the Earth for decades and they may never be found again.

 Only one mine in the world located in Messina, South Africa, produced these rare crystals in two discoveries. The last discovery at the Messina mine was in 1991 at depths of 4000 feet below the Earth's surface. Due to the dangerous nature of the tunnels, it was dynamited and sealed with concrete and officially closed in 1992.

 Ajoite crystals have become so prized by serious mineral collectors as well as to metaphysical users and crystal healers, the more special pieces have become nearly impossible to obtain.